Welcome to your Intermediate

__________ anyone get hurt?
How long ______ you had this car?
He ____________ about birds. It drives me crazy!
He ___________ me to the first game when I was only six.
My new PC, ________ I bought last week, has already broken down.
The first reality show __________ in Sweden in 1997.
The film Avatar was directed ___________ James Cameron.
He realized that he __________ his car keys in the office.
You won't pass the exam _________ you start revising immediately.
Oh, you're busy? I _________ you later, ok?
During the next meeting we _______ about setting goals.
I’m not sure if you are aware __________ the risk.
She was only 19 when she sailed across ________ Atlantic.
She keeps __________ her things all around the place which is so annoying.
His father asked Dan where ________ all day.
As far as I'm __________ , I do not support the new government.
In the future there  _________ cures to the world's worst diseases.
You'd better take your coat ___________ the weather gets worse.
The police stopped us and said we _________ to enter the building.
We wouldn't have missed the bus if you _________ to chat with Mary!

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