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__________'s his name? Thomas.
How old are you?
Where _____________?
Mary ___________English
We're Chinese. We're ________ Beijing
What time do you get up? = 6:30
Margaret _________ usually come by bus.
____ two airports in the city.
Where is John? He is _____ home.
I'm afraid it's __________.
I go to the gym _______ the evening.
They __________ populat TV programmes in the 1980s.
John is going to the party with ________.
__________ at school last year?
We ________ a good film yesterday.
How often do you play tennis?
I like _________ black shoes.
She's only four but she ___________.
What are you doing now? _____.
It's my mum's birthday next week. I__________ her a present.

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